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RN Taxidermy Classes

RN Taxidermy School
Davison, Michigan

RN Taxidermy offers classes teaching the art of taxidermy. My classes are hands on. I do a part of the mount I’m working on, and then the student does the same thing on their mount. The classes are held in my shop and are usually in sessions of two days. Usually 2 Saturdays, but I can do week days if that works best for you. Classes can have 2 students in them. I also teach private classes for those who prefer it that way. Classes usually fill up fast. My classes take you from right after the kill to the finished mount. I teach the techniques and proper anatomically correct positioning and detail need finish your mount. All classes require a half down non-refundable down payment to hold your class date. The balance will be due at the start of the first class. Students must have a specimen to work on. Manikins, ear liners, eyes, and some tools are paid for by the student on the first day of class. All other supplies are provided by me. There are a few tools you should have to start. I will gladly order them for you ahead of time if you need me to. My next classes are forming now.

Call today to reserve your spot to learn with me.

RN Taxidermy
Bob Nielsen Owner

(Above) Students at work

Bob Nielsen
Davison, MI 48423 
Hours 8am to 8pm 7 days a week